Upcoming Programs 2023

Dates Sponsors
Milwaukee Brewers June 27, 2023 Brewers Community Foundation, DentaQuest, NSK Dental and SKYGEN
Cleveland June 30, 2023 Dr. Rebecca Robbins, Parker Orthodontics, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Avesis
Philadelphia Eagles July 18, 2023 Dudhat Dental and SKYGEN
Tampa Bay Buccaneers July 29, 2023 Bullard Family Foundation
Washington Commanders (Phase II) August 11, 2023 Washington Commanders Foundation and Delta Dental
Prince William County Community Foundation Back-to-School program (Phase II) August 11, 2023 United Concordia Dental
St.Louis Cardinals (Phase II) August 12, 2023 UMB
Cincinnati Bengals (Phase II) August 15, 2023 D.J. Reader Foundation/NFL Foundation and SKYGEN
Colorado Rockies September 8, 2023 United Concordia Dental
El Paso Chihuahuas September 11, 2023 Delta Dental and El Paso District Dental Society
Tampa Bay Rays September 29, 2023 United Concordia Dental

Programs 2023

Dates Sponsors
Kansas City Royals April 21, 2023 Sun Life/DentaQuest

Programs 2022

Dates Sponsors
Carolina Panthers March 11, 2022 A Night For Smiles, CapTrust Community Foundation, Thompson Legacy Fund
Arizona Coyotes March 23, 2022 Delta Dental & Arizona Coyotes
Arizona Coyotes March 24, 2022 Delta Dental & Arizona Coyotes
Tucson Roadrunners March 25, 2022 Delta Dental & Arizona Coyotes
Utah Jazz April 4, 2022 Delta Dental
Sacramento, CA presented by Shaq Thompson Legacy Fund and Delta Dental Community Care Foundation April 7, 2022 Shaq Thompson Legacy Fund and Delta Dental
Missoula, Montana April 12, 2022 Young Innovations
Cincinnati Bengals April 22, 2022 The Dental Care Plus Group, A DentaQuest Company
Tampa Bay Rays April 29, 2022 United Concordia Dental
Minnesota Twins May 18, 2022 United Concordia Dental
Detroit Lions June 10, 2022 Delta Dental Foundation
Milwaukee Brewers June 30, 2022 Brewers Community Foundation and Delta Dental
TeamSmile @ First Energy Stadium July 22, 2022 Delta Dental Foundation and Parker, Streem Orthodontics, Dr. Robbins
Washington Nationals July 29, 2022 Delta Dental
Chicago Bears August 6, 2022 Bears Care, Chionis Dental, Ross & Durrett Family Dental
Tampa Bay Buccaneers August 6, 2022 Bullard Family Foundation
Washington Commanders August 19, 2022 Washington Commanders Foundation and Delta Dental
New Orleans Saints August 23, 2022 Delta Dental
El Paso Chihuahuas September 12, 2022 Delta Dental, El Paso District Dental Society, Hunt School of Dental Medicine, DentaQuest
Arizona Coyotes September 15,16, 2022 Arizona Coyotes and Delta Dental
Kansas City Chiefs September 27, 2022 United Way and DentaQuest
Memphis Grizzlies September 30, 2022 Memphis Grizzlies and Delta Dental
Minnesota Vikings October 11, 2022 Minnesota Vikings and Park Dental
Pittsburgh Steelers November 3, 2022 United Concordia Dental, DentaQuest, Diehl Automotive Group and Davis, Davis & Associates
Colorado Rockies November 11, 2022 United Concordia Dental and DentaQuest
Carolina Panthers with Shaq Thompson November 29, 2022 Shaq Thompson Legacy Fund and Dentsply Sirona
College Park Skyhawks (G-League of Atlanta Hawks) December 09, 2022 CareSource

Programs 2021

Dates Sponsors
Indianapolis, IN May 14, 15, 2021 United Concordia
University of Buffalo May 25,26, 2021 University of Buffalo Dental School
Milwaukee Brewers July 27, 2021 Brewers Community Foundation
Milwaukee Brewers July 28, 2021 Brewers Community Foundation
Blountville, Tennessee July 31, 2021 DentaQuest
Tampa Bay Buccaneers August 7, 2021 Bullard Family Foundation
Washington Football Club August 13, 2021 Washington Football Club, Delta Dental
Arizona Coyotes-Phoenix September 14, 2021 Arizona Coyotes, Delta Dental, West Valley Mavericks Foundation
Arizona Coyotes-Phoenix September 15, 2021 Arizona Coyotes, Delta Dental, West Valley Mavericks Foundation
Arizona Coyotes-Tucson September 16, 2021 Arizona Coyotes, Delta Dental
Minnesota Vikings October 5, 2021 Minnesota Vikings & Park Dental
Kansas City Chiefs October 26, 2021 United Way of Greater Kansas City
Tampa Bay Rays October 30, 2021 CapTrust Community Foundation
New Orleans Saints November 3, 2021 Delta Dental
Colorado Rockies November 8, 2021 United Concordia
TeamSmile Presented by Shaq Thompson December 2, 2021 Thompson Legacy Fund & CapTrust Community Foundation
TeamSmile at Pittsburgh Steelers Stadium December 8, 2021 United Concordia Dental & Highmark
Atlanta Falcons December 14, 2021 Delta Dental & CapTrust Community Foundation

Programs 2020

Dates Sponsors
University of Alabama-Birmingham February 5, 2020 Delta Dental, Sarrell Dental and Eye Care Center
Carolina Panthers March 6, 2020 Charlotte Golf Classic, A Night For Smiles, Pacific Dental Services, Smile Generation
Indiana Pacers POSTPONED CareSource, DentaQuest
Minnesota Twins POSTPONED United Concordia Dental, Twins Community Foundation
Sporting KC POSTPONED Victory Project, Delta Dental, TW Sportswear, Trident
Los Angeles Kings POSTPONED United Concordia Dental
Utah Jazz POSTPONED Delta Dental
Pittsburgh Pirates POSTPONED Pittsburgh Pirates, United Concordia Dental, Highmark, Allgheny Health Network, Diehl Automotive, Davis, Davis & Davis
Baltimore Orioles POSTPONED United Concordia Dental, Pacific Dental Services
Las Vegas Aces POSTPONED Delta Dental, Las Vegas Aces, Future Smiles, Pact-One, Dee for Dentist
TeamSmile at AT&T Stadium POSTPONED United Concordia, BIOLASE
El Paso Chihuahuas POSTPONED Delta Dental
Boston Red Sox POSTPONED Delta Dental of Massachusetts, DentaQuest, Massachusetts Dental Society
Buffalo Bills POSTPONED Delta Dental, Shatkin Dental, Aesthetic Associate Centre
Richmond Flying Squirrels POSTPONED United Concordia Dental
Washington Nationals POSTPONED Delta Dental
TeamSmile at First Energy Stadium POSTPONED TBD
Kansas City Royals POSTPONED SunLife Financial
Milwaukee Brewers POSTPONED Milwaukee Brewers
Tampa Bay Rays POSTPONED Ray’s Baseball Foundation Inc., Delta Dental
Programs-2019 Dates Sponsors
Los Angeles Chargers  January 18, 2019 BIOLASE
Dallas Mavericks February 4, 2019 BIOLASE, Pacific Dental, iKids Peadiatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
Indiana Pacers February 13, 2019 Delta Dental, Merchants Bank, Anthem
Vegas Golden Knights February 21, 2019 Golden Knights Community Foundation, Delta Dental, Pacific Dental, Pact-One, Dee for Dentistry
Carolina Panthers March 1, 2019 Charlotte Charity Golf Classic on Oct. 12, 2018
Los Angeles Chargers April 5, 2019 BIOLASE, Delta Dental
Utah Jazz April 11, 2019 Delta Dental
Arizona Cardinals April 13, 2019 Arizona Dental Foundation, Arizona Cardinals, West Valley Mavericks Foundation, V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.
Sporting KC April 26, 2019  Bank of the West, The Victory Project,

Delta Dental, TWSportswear

Pittsburgh Pirates May 1, 2019 Pirates Charities, United Concordia Dental, Highmark, Allgheny Health Network, Diehl Automotive, Davis, Davis & Davis
Boston Red Sox May 3, 2019 Delta Dental of Massachusetts, Smile Generation, Massachusetts Dental Society, DentaQuest
New York Giants May 14, 2019 Delta Dental
Baltimore Orioles May 17, 2019 United Concordia, Pacific Dental Services
El Paso Chihuahuas May 21, 2019 Delta Dental, DentaQuest
Cleveland Indians June 19, 2019 TBD
Washington Nationals June 28, 2019 Delta Dental, Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy, Smile Generation, DentaQuest
Tampa Bay Rays July 12, 2019 Rays Baseball Foundation, Inc., Dentaquest, United Concordia
Milwaukee Brewers July 19, 2019 Brewers Community Foundation, Delta Dental, DentaQuest, Microbrush International
Chicago Bears July 27, 2019 Bears Care, Catholic Charities, Chionis Dental, Tracey Durrett DDS
Tampa Bay Buccaneers August 3, 2019  Bullard Family Foundation
Kansas City Royals August 9, 2019 Sun Life Financial, U.S. Bank
Washington Redskins August 23, 2019 Redskins Charitable Foundation, Delta Dental
New Orleans Saints August 27, 2019 What You Give Will Grow, Delta Dental, DentaQuest
Tennessee Titans September 10, 2019 DentaQuest, Cumberland Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
Cincinnati Bengals September 27, 2019 Cincinnati Bengals, Midmark, DentaQuest
Indianapolis Colts September 30, 2019 Indianapolis Colts
Fresno Bulldogs October 5, 2019 Fresno Softball Tournament Fundraiser, Delta Dental
Detroit Lions October 18, 2019 Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan, Detroit District Dental Society, DentaQuest, SDI INC.
Kansas City Chiefs October 22, 2019 United Way of Greater Kansas City, U.S. Bank
Atlanta Falcons November 5, 2019 Captrust Community Founation, Delta Dental, Smile Generation
Minnesota Vikings November 15, 2019 Warren Family Foundation
Denver Broncos November 19, 2019 United Concordia Dental
Los Angeles Angels December 3, 2019 Los Angeles Angel’s Foundation, Pacific Dental Services, Smile Generation

Programs – click to view program page

Dates Sponsors
Super Bowl January 31, 2018 Private Donor and dental material donated by Zirc
Carolina Panthers March 2, 2018 Charlotte Charity Golf Classic
Utah Jazz March 19, 2018 Smiles For Life, ADMEN, Lunch provided by Utah Jazz
Arizona Cardinals March 24, 2018 West Valley Mavericks Foundation, Delta Dental,
Arizona Dental Foundation, VIP Mortgage
Indiana Pacers April 12, 2018 Delta Dental, Indiana Pacers
Sporting Kansas City May 11, 2018 Victory Project, Trident CPA Services, TWSportswear, Rapid Ways Truck Leasing
Washington Nationals June 22, 2018 Delta Dental
Cleveland Indians June 27, 2018 Wenger Orthodontics, Parker and Streem Orthodontics, Candlewood Partners, Dr. Rebecca Robbins – Pediatric Dentistry, Great Expressions Dental Centers, Delaware North Companies (Lunch)
University of Alabama at Birmingham July 10, 2018 Delta Dental
Tampa Bay Rays July 13, 2018 Rays Baseball Foundation, Inc.
Milwaukee Brewers July 18, 2018 Brewers Community Foundation, Delta Dental, Microbrush
Chicago Bears July 28, 2018 Bears Care, Catholic Charities, Chionis Dental, Tracey Durrett DDS
Kansas City Royals August 3, 2018 Sun Life Financial
Pittsburgh Pirates August 8, 2018 Pirates Charties, Highmark, United Concordia, Davis, Davis & Associates, Delta Dental, The Primary Health Network, Diehl of Robinson, Car Right
Washington Redskins August 11, 2018  Redskins Charitable Foundation, Delta Dental
New Orleans Saints August 24, 2018  What You Give Will Grow, Delta Dental
Boston Red Sox August 31, 2018 Delta Dental of Massachusetts, DentaQuest
Tennessee Titans September 18, 2018 DentaQuest, Cumberland Pediatric, Children’s Dental Health, Ti Scrubs
Cincinnati Bengals September 21, 2018 Cincinnati Bengals Charity, Midmark
Indianapolis Colts September 27, 2018  Prime Smile, Indianapolis Colts
Atlanta Falcons October 2, 2018 Delta Dental, Great Expressions Dental Centers
Los Angeles Kings October 12, 2018  Kings Care Foundation
Kansas City Chiefs October 23, 2018  United Way
Minnesota Twins October 26, 2018 Minnesota Twins & Local Dentists
Detroit Lions October 30, 2018  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, Great Expressions Dental Centers, Michigan Oral Helath Coalition, Michigan Primary Care Association
Los Angeles Chargers November 6, 2018  Biolase, Delta Dental
Fresno State University November 10, 2018  Softball Tournament Fundraiser, Delta Dental
Baltimore Ravens December 3, 2018 Miracle City Church
Brooklyn Nets December 8, 2018 Colgate

Past Programs – click to view program

Dates Sponsors
Carolina Panthers March 3, 2017 Charlotte Charity Golf Classic
Arizona Cardinals April 8, 2017 Multiple Community Sponsors
Sporting KC May 12, 2017 Victory Project
Cleveland Indians June 21, 2017 Procter & Gamble
Milwaukee Brewers July 13, 2017 Brewers Community Foundation
Pittsburgh Pirates July 24, 2017 United Concordia, Pirates Charities, Highmark
Chicago Bears July 29, 2017 Bears Care
Kansas City Royals August 2, 2017 Sun Life Financial
Washington Redskins August 12, 2017 Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation
New Orleans Saints August 30, 2017 What You Give Will Grow
Indianapolis Colts September 19, 2017 TiScrubs, PNC Bank, IDA Foundation for Dental Health
Cincinnati Bengals September 29, 2017 Procter & Gamble
Tennessee Titans October 3, 2017 Dentaquest and GCA Services Group
Atlanta Falcons October 17, 2017 Great Expressions Dental Centers
Kansas City Chiefs October 20, 2017 United Way of Greater Kansas City
Detroit Lions October 24, 2017 Great Expressions Dental Centers
Minnesota Twins October 27, 2017 Twins Foundation
Los Angeles Chargers November 7, 2017 TBA
Fresno State Bulldogs November 11, 2017 Annual Softball Tournament

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