2020 Program: TBD

Team: LA Chargers
Location: Gerald P. Carr Intermediate School
Sponsor: BIOLASE

Program Report: HERE

Program Date: January 18, 2019

Children: 154


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Program Spotlight: BIOLASE laser allowed us to provide the most treatment ever to one child at any TeamSmile program, $2,145!

Participating Dentists

Lead Dentist: Dr. Christina Do

Dr. Binh Dang

Dr. Joanne Gabot-Heyman

Dr. Rick Hagstrom

Dr. Erick Hernandez

Dr. Maryam Jackson

Dr. Kelly Kaban

Dr. Lawrence Kaban

Dr. Karey Kusuhara

Dr. William Langstaff

Dr. John Nguyen

Dr. Mary Nguyen

Dr. Lindsay Pfeffer

Dr. Thomas Rolfes

Dr. Patricia Ryan

Dr. Sean Saghatchi

“The Chargers are proud to have partnered with Team Smile on nearly 10 free dental events across Southern California. A clean mouth and a bright smile can change a child’s life for the better, and set them on a positive life course full of confidence…success…and good health!”

-Chase Hartman, LA Chargers Community Relations Manager

“I was delighted with the opportunity for Biolase and TeamSmile to join forces with the Chargers to help bring oral health care and education to many children in Southern California.  TeamSmile is an amazing organization and it’s truly remarkable what their staff can do to set up and carry out such a program to improve the lives of so many deserving children.”

-John Beaver, BIOLASE EVP & CFO