Volunteer Testimonials


“I enjoyed working and helping with the kids. It was a very rewarding experience.”

– TeamSmile + Carolina Panthers Volunteer


“A very organized well run program that is amazing for the community.”

– TeamSmile + Los Angeles Chargers Volunteer

“Your program is outstanding! It’s like a well-oiled machine, and I love how your team interacts and works together to get the job done.

I really thought that the football players that volunteered their time, were exceptional to the children. They really were not in a hurry to leave, and were genuinely interested in interacting with the kids. That is possibly the only time some of these kids will ever have the chance to interact with an NFL player. Great people!

You make the volunteers feel special, and valued!”    

– Tracey Fest, TeamSmile Volunteer

“I cherish this program, such a wonderful blessing to all the children and very rewarding to be a part of it.”    

– Brittany Golden-Schimmel, TeamSmile Volunteer


“One of the coolest and best volunteer groups I’ve ever worked with! I had so much fun doing what I love by helping kids feel better! The organization was truly amazing and so much fun for the kids! It was such a blessing to see a few of the Chiefs players show up and the kids just light up when they got to meet them! Such a blessing and will definitely be helping out again in years to come!!!”

– Alisha Ann Burt, TeamSmile + Kansas City Chiefs Volunteer

“This was an unforgettable experience for me, it made me feel better about myself knowing that I am in the right direction to helping those in my community and educating them on the importance of Oral Health. This program has exposed me to many beneficial learning and social experiences as a Pre-Dental student. It also gave me the opportunity to make future connections with Doctors and Educators for academic advice and hopefully shadowing opportunities in the near future. Thank you TeamSmile for this memorable experience!”

– TeamSmile Pre-Dental Student Volunteer

“I loved all the hugs and warm smiles we receive!”

– TeamSmile + Minnesota Twins Volunteer

“I am a principal at a school site and worked on getting as many of my students services as this great event. I also served as a ‘general volunteer’ and loved seeing the interaction our elementary grade students had with the college athletes as well as the university mascot. I hope to take a bus load next year!”

– School Principal & TeamSmile + Fresno Bulldogs Volunteer

Team Smile Kauffman

“What’s not to love about this organization?! Every volunteer experience I’ve had with them has been so amazing. It brings tears to my eyes every year. Thank you for everything you do for these children that need you, TeamSmile!!”    

– Brooke Johnston, TeamSmile Volunteer

“I thought the program was very well organized and run. There were a lot of volunteers present and each had a role. So often, good intentions are lost due to poor planning and organization and this certainly was not the case!”

– TeamSmile Super Bowl Experience Volunteer