The BMA Foundation’s

Dance and Dine with the Stars Event
Saturday June 8th, 2024

TeamSmile’s 2024 Dancer Linsay Brett

About Lindsay:

Lindsay is a proud Kansas City native, living in Nixa, Missouri.  She is a partner in a boutique, Big Law attorney placement firm.  As a recruiter for 25 years, Lindsay’s core skill is her ability to coach lawyers and executives.  As the daughter of the late Larry Holley, a college basketball coach for 50 years, her path makes sense.

There has never been a time when music, sports, and overall recreation haven’t been part of Lindsay’s life. She is the oldest of 3 girls and from the moment she could walk, her mom would hand her a spatula (microphone) and exclaim “Dance, sing, entertain us!”  This was the norm on a random Tuesday night after dinner.  It was a lively and incredibly supportive upbringing.

Lindsay graduated from William Jewell College and was fortunate to become a Chiefs Cheerleader in 1996.  She cheered for the Chiefs until 2000 and left with a lifetime of invaluable lessons, experiences, and friendships that she cherishes to this day.

The biggest source of pride and purpose for Lindsay is her 20-year marriage to her best friend, Michael, and their beautiful teenagers, Reagan and Evan.  A high school senior and freshman, respectively, life is hectic in the Brett household.

Lindsay is beyond honored to have been asked to be the dancer for Team Smile, 2024, and although you read that Lindsay was a Chiefs Cheerleader, she wants to remind everyone that it’s been nearly 24 years since her Arrowhead days!  That said, she never shies away from a challenge and is determined to make Kansas City proud.  GO TEAMSMILE!