Your Gift of Time

Time is one of the most valuable gifts that a person possesses. When used without thought, it can be wasted; but when used with a sincere definition, it can change the world. TeamSmile is an organization that relies heavily on people giving of their time. When a person chooses to give their time to a TeamSmile program, they have made the choice to make a difference in the lives of children in our communities. They have opened their hearts, given their talents and most importantly given a gift that can change a child’s life for years to come.

Because Of Our Volunteers

Since its inception in 2007, TeamSmile has conducted over 275 programs, served over 55,000 children, and provided over $20 million in free dental care and oral health education nationwide.

On average, we provided $85,407 worth of free dental care and oral health education per program, averaging $424 per child.

      To show our appreciation for those who take their valuable time and donate it to our cause, we’ve teamed up with TiScrubs to provide a complementary set of medical scrubs to each dentist and a              t-shirt to for all other volunteers. If you are not a dentist and would like a set of custom scrubs please email to learn more about this. 


ST. PETERSBURG, FL - JULY 12: About 300 kids from the Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast attend Team Smile Dental Day for free dental exams, games, and Papa Johns Pizza at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, FL on July 12, 2019. (Scott Audette / Tampa Bay Rays) 

I truly enjoy working with TeamSmile because it is a great way to give directly back to the children in the Fresno community. Seeing the children get excited about going to the dentist in a fun environment while also being able to play sports with their favorite Bulldog players is truly a joy. I am grateful that Fresno State and I get to work with TeamSmile. Proud fact…TeamSmile has been around for 14 years and we have hosted a TeamSmile program in the Fresno community every year.

-Dr. Xavier Gutierrez (Pictured Below)