General Volunteer Positions

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-In Desk – Registration of children entering dental clinic.
Computer Entry – Enter each child’s information into Dentrix.
Check-Out Desk – Transfer treatments completed to a form for each child to take home.

Education Area

Will teach children about the importance of oral health care, all teaching materials are provided.

Face Painting

No need to be a professional artist for this volunteer position – we provide all supplies, including stencils and example photographs.

Runners & Receivers

Will escort children between stations and chaperone children in waiting areas.

Physical Activities Area

Entertains and interacts with children in physical activity area. Directions and activities provided.


Help bridge communication barriers with children and/or parents.

Volunteer Registration

Assist with greeting and checking in volunteers as they arrive. Must arrive 30 mins prior.

Dental Professional & Student Volunteer Positions

Central Distribution

Will be utilized to distribute instruments and dental materials.

Dental Assistant

Will be utilized in patient exam, x-ray, or at treatment chair assisting a dentist.


Will be utilized in patient exam, reading x-rays, or assigned to a dental treatment chair.


Will be utilized to perform scaling, polishing, and/or placing sealants.

Medical Professional

Will review children’s medical history at check in.


Will be utilized to sterilize dental instruments.

Student Dental Assistant

Will be utilized in x-ray, assigned to a dental station as a runner, or in the sterilization area.

Student Dentist

Will be utilized in x-ray, patient exam, or assigned a dental treatment chair depending on the student’s level of education.

Student Hygienist

Will be utilized in the preventative care area.