2020 Program: TBD

Team: Los Angeles Chargers
Location: Dignity Sports Health Park
Sponsor: BIOLASE, Delta Dental

Program Report: HERE

Program Date: April 5, 2019
Children: 253


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Participating Dentists

Lead Dentist: Dr. Christina Do

Dr. Neda Borna

Dr. J Chen

Dr. Jane Cho

Dr. Kathleen Doppenberg

Dr. Cary Dunne

Dr. Kyoung Tae Ha

Dr. Kelly Kaban

Dr. Lawrence Kaban

Dr. Karey Kusuhara

Dr. William Langstaff

Dr. Jenny Liang

Dr. Lutgarda Marasigan

Dr. Rozi Nosratabadi

Dr. Rajeev Prasher

Dr. Patricia Ryan

Dr. Deepa Sreenivasan

Dr. Maribelle Tam

Dr. Geraldine Tanada

Dr. Brittany Thompson

“We are all so very grateful for the wonderful Oral Health event TeamSmile and the LA Chargers provided! The children had excellent care, received oral health education and had so much fun!! Who knew going to the dentist could be such a wonderful, positive experience! Thank you so very much for bringing this amazing program to the children of Los Angeles Unified School District.”

Janis Lake, RN, PHN, MS
Oral Health Programs
District Nursing Services