2020 Program: TBD

Team: El Paso Chihuahuas

Location: Southwest University Park

Sponsor: Delta Dental, DentaQuest

Program Date: May 21, 2019

Program Report: HERE

Children: 229


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Participating Dentists

Lead Dentist: Dr. Lizbeth Holguin

Dr. Krystelle Anaya

Dr. Samuel Angulo

Dr. Richard Black

Dr. Kelley Brooks

Dr. Carmie Brown

Dr. Vernon Burke

Dr. Greg Caldwell

Dr. Dennis Care

Dr. Michael Cervantes

Dr. David Cotchery

Dr. Yanitza Feliciano

Dr. Natasha Furchtgott

Dr. Eric Gutierrez

Dr. Roberto Loar

Dr. Mendoza

Dr. Edgar Perales

Dr. Gabriela Rey

Dr. Rosa Maria Romero

Dr. Brian Salome

Dr. Brandi Tiner

Dr. Charlene Veranunt

Dr. Guadalupe Ward

Dr. Jake Williams

Dr. Greg Wilson

Dr. Tiffanie Wilson

Dr. Wendy Woodell

Dr. Wilma Luquis

Dr. Deepa Patel

“We want to tell you how much fun we had at our program and cant wait till next year! So many parents have reached out thanking us for the success of the program!! Thank you for your hard work!”

Kaila Gil, Public Relations Coordinator

Holguin & Briggs, PA

DBA: Star Kids Pediatric Dentistry