Team: Super Bowl LII
Location: Lucy Laney Elementary School
Sponsor: Private Donor
Program Date: January 31, 2018
Children: 268

$157,223 worth of FREE dental care and health education provided

Program Report: Super Bowl LII

Dental Material Donation from:


Participating Dentists

Lead Dentist: Dr. Jean Merry

Dr. Mohammad Golparvar
Dr. Robert Henson
Dr. Kenton Johnson
Dr. Melissa Lee
Dr. Stephanie Lee
Dr. Esteban Lugo
Dr. Archana Mani
Dr. Sarah Melstrom
Dr. Jennifer Miller
Dr. Kellie Molin
Dr. Glenn Perkins
Dr. Tanya Peterson
Dr. Jane Puntillo
Dr. Marissa Shragg
Dr. Erik Solberg
Dr. Aliya Sullivan
Dr. Kara Weber
Dr. Nadia Weber
Dr. Gary Williams
Dr. Gerald Wimmer

“Wow – what an amazing setup you guys have and a lot of work you put in it to make it happen!  Thank you so much for getting it all together and being willing to come to Laney to give our kids much needed dental care.  I always get a little nervous being responsible for all the little ones, but it seemed to go great.  I know there was great need – amazing to think that 268 kids got dental care in one day and all the education too.  So much thanks to you and each and every one of the volunteers that came in to help.”

– Jessica Findell, LSN
Lucy Craft Laney Community School