cleveland indians

Team: Cleveland Indians
Location: Progressive Field
Sponsor: Wenger Orthodontics, Parker and Streem Orthodontics, Candlewood Partners, Dr. Rebecca Robbins – Pediatric Dentistry, Great Expressions Dental Centers, Delaware North Companies (Lunch)
Head Dentist: Dr. Rebecca Robbins
Program Date: June 27, 2018
Children: 258

$169,500 worth of FREE dental care, preventative care, and health education provided

Program Results:

Program Sponsors:

parker and StreemWenger

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Participating Dentists

Head Dentist: Dr. Rebecca Robbins

Dr. Ying An

Dr. James Anderson

Dr. Nancy Arndt

Dr. Elizbeth Baranek

Dr. Ron Beech

Dr. Amanda Brewer

Dr. Andrea Brown

Dr. Jessica Chrzanowski

Dr. Danielle D’Amato

Dr. Johs Durrant

Dr. Tina Ghiba

Dr. Betty Haberkamp

Dr. Jeffrey Hildebrandt

Dr. Sonja Jarmoszuk

Dr. Malek Korkis

Dr. Sylvia Malcmacher Kramer

Dr. Becky Kucera

Dr. Suparna Mahalaha

Dr. Chritina Mueller

Dr. Melissa Padgett

Dr. Stephan Parker

Dr. Daniel Pierce

Dr. Alyssa Rassi

Dr. Lisa Richards

 Dr. Rebecca Robbins

Dr. D. Todd Russell

Dr. Matthew Shaughnessy

Dr.  Bryan Stephens

Dr. Jason Streem

Dr. Mindy Streem

Dr. Megan Ursick

Dr. Jill Weber

Dr. Ryan Wenger

We volunteered as a family – husband, wife and 2 teenagers. Assisting the dental professionals with pre-examinations, our kids learned so much and truly felt like they had a purpose. My daughter even said, ‘Maybe I’d like to work in a dental field after college!’ They both enjoyed helping the girls and boys and the dentists and smiled the entire time. It was really an excellent experience all around.

-Cleveland Indians Volunteer