• Provide an administrator to set up and oversee the program
  • Create a program budget
  • Create and maintain a data base for the volunteers
  • Invite/ recruit children in need of dental care to attend the program
  • Complete the Health History / Consent for Treatment form
  • Sign Photo Consent form
  • Provide dental equipment and material for the program
  • Provide the sports organization with CAD drawings
  • Provide each child a gift bag that includes a tooth brush, floss, and toothpaste plus a t-shirt.
  • Provide information and t-shirts for the volunteers / scrubs for the dentist
  • Work with the sports organization to create media kit
  • Locate follow-up dental care

Athletic Organization

  • Secure program space (must be min. of 5000 square feet)
  • Secure space for 2 days (set up day and program day)
  • Work with TeamSmile to invite/recruit children in need of dental care to the program
  • Provide schematic of the space for TeamSmile
  • Provide free parking for volunteers
  • Provide tickets to a game for children/guardian (2) and volunteers (1)
  • Provide the players, cheerleaders, and mascot for meet and greet with the children –Ideal time: 11:30 -12:30 so both groups get to meet them
  • Work with TeamSmile to provide media coverage and a press release

Henry Schein

  • Locate a lead dentist
  • Recruit dental and local volunteers for the program
  • 18 dentists
  • 18 dental assistants
  • 12 hygienists
  • 4 Check In / Check out
  • Other volunteers
  • Cover the transportation cost of the equipment
  • Provide technicians to set up and tear down dental equipment
  • Work with TeamSmile to acquire the funds needed for event expenses
  • Recruit local vendors, dental schools and dental associations for the event
  • Assist TeamSmile in finding a lunch sponsor for the volunteers
  • Find follow up dental care for the children
    Responsible for disposal of bio waste and sharps

Lead Dentist

  • Recruit 16 dentist and dental assistants for the program
  • Work with TeamSmile to create a job chart

Schools / Children’s Organization

  • Identify 250 children for the program
  • Distribute and gather the children’s registration forms & photo consent forms
  • Provide transportation for the children to the program