WHY ACTEON IS A SPONSOR AND ADVOCATE OF TEAMSMILE: Partnering with TeamSmile offers ACTEON the unique opportunity to reach underserved children throughout the country. TeamSmile’s commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to providing free dental care to children are unmatched. Mixing music with professional athletes to create a fun atmosphere makes the children more comfortable during their dental exams. The positive impact that free dental care has is both life changing for the patient and their families and also a rewarding experience for the volunteers. We are very fortunate and honored to be apart of such a great program.

ABOUT ACTEON: ACTEON® group is a French medtech company specialized in high technology medical devices. We strive to develop and manufacture high-tech medical devices that enable dentists and surgeons to implement minimally invasive, safer and quicker operating protocols that are less traumatic for their patients.

ACTEON employs highly trained technical and sales teams based in 26 different offices around the world with a distribution network that covers markets in 94 countries. ACTEON is the global pioneer of high-frequency ultrasonics as well as digital imaging technologies.

ABOUT ACTEON DENTAL: Our expertise in digital imaging enables constant improvement of the digital view of the operative sites during micro dental surgery procedures.

Extra-oral imaging
Advances made in medical imaging inspired ACTEON’s extraoral X-ray device development strategy. We define image-processing algorithms used to determine the image definition, which facilitates bone-density assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning.

Intra-oral imaging
Utilizing autofluorescence, ACTEON diagnostic cameras superimpose an image of the tissue structure onto the anatomic image of the patient’s teeth. This feature makes it possible to detect decay, even at its earliest stages, without subjecting the patient to any unnecessary radiation. The images can be captured and stored in any imaging software giving the practitioner all of the tools necessary to practice minimally invasive dentistry. To learn more about Acteon go to www.acteongroup.com.