In 2006, Henry Schein was at the ground floor of the evolution of TeamSmile. Dr. William Busch came up with a concept of helping area children receive free dental care utilizing local professional sports teams. Henry Schein, along with other oral health companies and dental professionals, worked together to organize a program with the Kansas City Chiefs that would provide dental care to underserved children with the helpful impact of professional sports franchises, their players, their venues, their mascots, and their cheerleaders. The idea has taken off and to date we have helped give access of $4,300,000 worth of free preventative and treatment to more than 6,000 kids in over 15 cities across the U.S.  Read More


As the world leader in oral care, Colgate is committed to improving children’s oral health around the world and we are a proud sponsor and supporter of Team Smile since the initial Kansas City Program in 2007. One of our core values as a corporation is Caring and Giving Back to our Communities and as such we have strategically aligned ourselves with organizations that share these same values. Opportunity to provide treatment to several thousand children each year through Team Smile Programs in coordination with Dental Professionals, Volunteers and Sports team allows us to teach the importance of oral health care as well as help children form healthy habits that will last a lifetime. It is our partnership with community programs, such as Team Smile, that helps make the world a healthier, happier place to live one smile at a time.


Why Midmark supports TeamSmile TeamSmile is an organization that is all about one thing – providing life-changing dental care to underserved children. It does this with a purpose-driven focus that is rare and hard to find in organizations. TeamSmile provides this care by partnering with professional sports organizations, and in TeamSmile’s world – we all win. From the dental clinicians who provide the care, to the support staff who work so hard to set it up and take it to the next town, to the sports organizations who put their name on such an amazing event, and, most importantly, to the children who would not otherwise receive this kind of dental care. Oral care is more critical today than ever – it is linked to our overall wellness in undisputed ways. Getting underserved children to understand the importance of oral care, and to provide initial care that sets them on the path for better habits and better health, and do it all at an event that is intensely focused and completely unique – is why Midmark is proud to support TeamSmile. Read More

Eric Shirley Vice-President & General Manager Midmark Corporation, Dental Division

WHY ACTEON IS A SPONSOR AND ADVOCATE OF TEAM SMILE: Partnering with Team Smile offers ACTEON the unique opportunity to reach underserved children throughout the country. Team Smile’s commitment, dedication and enthusiasm to providing free dental care to children are unmatched. Mixing music with professional athletes to create a fun atmosphere makes the children more comfortable during their dental exams. The positive impact that free dental care has is both life changing for the patient and their families and also a rewarding experience for the volunteers. We are very fortunate and honored to be apart of such a great program. Read More

Why Bank of the West is a sponsor and advocate of TeamSmile After experiencing the 2012 TeamSmile event with the Kansas City Chiefs the desire to become a sponsor, a volunteer and an advocate for TeamSmile was born. The opportunity to partner with an organization to make a direct and immediate impact in the lives of children and families in so many of the markets that Bank of the West serves has created a tremendous relationship between the local leaders of TeamSmile and Bank of the West. Since TeamSmile’s founding in 2007,the health and wellness of thousands of children and families have been improved and we thank Co-Founder Dr. William Busch and Executive Director Kellie Reneau for the opportunity to be partners. Bank of the West is excited about the future of TeamSmile and our relationship. Read More

Bob Bendon – Vice President of Business Banking, Kansas City Market