TeamSmile Volunteer Fact

One TeamSmile program + 100 Volunteers giving 800 hours of their time and talents
= more than 250 children receiving over $30,000 worth of dental treatment

Your Gift of Time – Volunteer

Time is one of the most valuable gifts that a person possesses. When used without thought, it can be wasted; but when used with a sincere definition, it can change the world. TeamSmile is an organization that relies heavily on people giving of their time. When a person chooses to give time to a TeamSmile program, they have made the choice to make a difference in the lives of children in their communities. They have opened their hearts, given their talents and most importantly given a gift that can change a child’s life for years to come. TeamSmile hopes you choose to give your time and talents to its organization so that together we can positively impact on our communities…one smile at a time.

Teamsmile Partners with MedicTalk DentForms to Raise Money for Children Dental Care

TeamSmile is excited to introduce a new partnership with MedicTalk DentForms, a leading provider of software for your dental office! All TeamSmile members are given the exclusive opportunity to purchase MedicTalk Software at an extremely discounted rate. But the best part of this deal is that MedicTalk has agreed to donate HALF of your purchase amount to TeamSmile – in YOUR name! We in turn will use the money to further our mission of free dental care and promotion of oral health for children in need. We are very happy to be able to provide this opportunity to our members and hope that you will take some time to read about our partnership with MedicTalk DentForms on their website at

“I want to thank TeamSmile again for all of their help this year to make our event in Milwaukee so great! It is such an honor being a part of such a great cause! I will look forward to it again next year as it is such a worthy cause and I feel so satisfied during and after! Keep up the great work as it is greatly appreciated! Thanks for including me!”

Bruce Winter, DDS – The Brewers Program 2013