Luke Knight

Luke is the newest full-time member of our TeamSmile crew. While he was hired on to take on our warehouse operations, he quickly showed that he would be a valued member of our traveling program team. Being an avid sports fan, Luke always mentions how lucky he feels to travel the country to see incredible sports facilities. He also feels fortunate to be a part of a truly incredible, winning team, whose mission is to help children.

Staying active and healthy is a passion of Luke’s and getting the opportunity to help with the health of young children is a remarkable reward. He’s been quoted saying, “being blessed with a family that took such great care of my dental needs as a child has never meant more”. When Luke isn’t working or golfing, he loves to be outdoors hunting, fishing, and backpacking with his two golden retrievers, Eckstein and Shea, as well as exploring Kansas City and trying new restaurants with friends.