2018 Program-October 23, 2018 Sponsored by: United Way 


2017 Program Statistics

Team: Kansas City Chiefs
Location: Arrowhead Stadium
Sponsor: United Way of Greater Kansas City
Program Date: October 20, 2017
Children: 284

$116,460 worth of FREE dental care, preventative care, and health education provided

Program Sponsor:

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Participating Dentists

Lead Dentist: Dr. William Busch

Dr. Jeffery Burroughs
Dr. Kenny Connelly
Dr. Michelle Deutch
Dr. Tyler Hanks
Dr. M. Conrad Journee
Dr. Kindel Kaelke
Dr. Kirby Kavanaugh
Dr. Jodie Wing Lee
Dr. Dustin Mace
Dr. Micheal McCunniff
Dr. Addy Mohn
Dr. Jerry Ogilvie
Dr. Victor Quaison
Dr. Seth Rush
Dr. Caitlyn Silverstein
Dr. Becky Smith
Dr. Shawn Snider
Dr. Sarah Spring
Dr. Alex Stamos
Dr. Eric Van Boening
Dr. Tucker VanYperen
Dr. Nevin Waters
Dr. Christopher Young