Non-Dental Volunteers

Runners – escort the children to / from each area
Check in and check out
Hygiene area – help with bag distribution
Enter the children’s names into the system
Hand out name badges, t-shirts, lanyards with patient card
Check the children out of the system and fill out the treatment cards
Hand out after care dental information and sports tickets

Professional Dental Volunteers


Screening – diagnose the immediate needs of the patient
X-Ray – read and diagnose the x-rays and make recommendations
Treatment – address the teeth diagnosed by the prior doctors in the allocated time period

Dental Assistants

Screening – fill out patient cards for the doctors
X-Ray – able to take BW with Dexis and us a NOMAD
Treatment – provide support to the treatment doctor
Work in Central Distribution or Sterilization Area

Henry Schein Technician

Set up the dental equipment the day prior to the program
On hand on program day to handle any equipment problems
Clean up the dental equipment after the TeamSmile program is over

Henry Schein Volunteer

Work with the TeamSmile Program Director to identify areas in need of dental volunteers


Instruction –educate the children regarding taking care of their teeth and have the children listen to instruction on I-Pods
Cleaning – Clean teeth and apply fluoride, then go over oral health care with patient.

Student Dental Assistant

Assist the dental assistants
Work in other areas where needed

Student Dentist

Will be assigned a job depending on their level of education
Student Hygienist
Work with the hygienist to educate the children on proper oral hygiene
They will work with the volunteers that operate / utilize their product