TeamSmile Recycle crop

Recycle A Smile is a great way for dentists to recycle their patient’s metals and help support dental outreach to underserved children

Easy to Follow Steps:

  1. Dentist collects metals
  2. Request a collection jar and prepaid mailing label
  3. Dentist may send metals to already established refinery or use TeamSmile’s partner, Argen Refining
  4. Indicate you want the money to go to TeamSmile. You will be notified of the settlement amount
  5. A check is mailed to TeamSmile and a donation letter is sent to dentist
  6. Thousands of children are helped with the generous donation of patient metals

Benefits of Recycle A Smile

  • Involve TeamSmile volunteer dentists in a give-back program, that is no cost to them
  • Engagement opportunity for dentists not already involved with TeamSmile
  • Dental Schools and Student Associations can get involved as a way to show they are giving backto their community
  • Raise awareness for TeamSmile and donate the monetary resources needed to provide oral health care and education for underserved children
  • Patients are making a difference by donating their scrap metals
  • Recycling is good for the environment